New Construction Downtown Leesburg VA

One sunny day in 2015 I was driving around downtown Leesburg looking for my next real estate investment. Since becoming a Realtor in Northern VA 12 years ago, I became involved in real estate investing endeavours such as rental properties and seller financing. This time I wanted to do a flip. While browsing the northwest of town I turned the corner of Dodd onto Wilson Ave and there stood in front of me the 2 most neglected properties with a handmade 'For Sale By Owner' sign....Bingo! I found my next real estate project.

After doing my due diligence gathering information from the town and getting estimates for renovations it became apparent one was in worse condition and would cost more to renovate than tare down and start new. We also discovered that same house was sitting on two buildable lots. It was then we decided one would stay and be renovated

Renovated House

...and one would go...


Stay tuned for our new construction build available May/June downtown Leesburg.

For further information call/text Lisa Cameron Keller Williams Front Door Team @ 703-431-6974 or email me at